I-Sleep Silom

written by Nomade Magazine

I am so glad I got the chance to discover this amazing colorful hostel located at only few minutes away from the central part of the city of Bangkok! From the very beginning the staff was really welcoming and informative about the attractions around and the transportation system of the country. Since I arrived at 2 a.m, I really did appreciate that the reception is open 24. Even though I stayed in a 4 bedroom dorm, I could get settled in without disturbing the other guests, because all the beds in the room are equipped with separate light lamps. The bathrooms are also really tidy and practical for backpackers since there are soap, shampoo and hair dryer provided. In addition to offering free wifi, air conditioning and free luggage storage, they also offer some free drinks at night depending of the day!

The hostel itself is really comfortable and clean. What I appreciated the most about this cute place is how much everything has been designed so everybody can enjoy a calm and quiet stay. For example, you are not allowed to walk with your shoes on the premises, so it definitely helps to avoid any dirt and any loud footstep at anytime of the day. Also, most of the doors are sliding doors so you never hear anybody slamming them and most of the dorms have no bunk beds (only a few), which is really convenient. Moreover, I was really impressed by the complimentary breakfast offered from 8:30 until 11:00. The breakfast is quiet diverse containing the choice of eggs, soup, bread, jelly, peanut butter, cookies and different beverages.

Either you wish to grab a taxi or enjoy a ride on the famous Tuk Tuk, it is really easy to find cheap transportation from the hostel that can bring you to the most popular places in Bangkok. I was able to explore so many parts of the city and to experience so much of the Thai culture in just a few days. The famous Khao San Road is definitely a must during night time for its entertainment and it’s Pad Thai! During day time there is so much to do near the hostel, like visiting the vibrant China town and all the prestigious temples of Bangkok.

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