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Hayden Amsterdam
Hayden – Founder

Hello Everyone! Travelling became my passion when I first got on a plane to study abroad in London during my second year in college. The places you see and the memories you make are priceless when you put yourself in a new destination. I have always been on a tight budget, and when I discovered hostels I was so amazed because hostels allowed me to see more places, meet more friends, and have much more enriching travel experiences. I created The Hostel Group because together we can help each other support hostels and go to the best ones!

Wade & Sarah - Australia
Wade & Sarah – Australia

Travelling is the most fulfilling, mind blowing and educational experience I have ever had in my life. Packing up life in Australia and travelling the world with my best friend who also happens to be my husband, is the best decision I’ve ever made! We are two enthusiastic travelers, super-average photographers, and try-anything-once foodies that love sharing our adventures with anyone who will listen!

Wade & Sarah's Blog

the hatchbacker
Luke & Elizabeth – USA

We are Luke and Elizabeth, also known as ‘The Hatchbackers’.
Some birds are not meant to be caged; we are migratory souls!
In 2014 we left our jobs and packed our lives into carry-ons. We are volunteering our way around the world, trading energy and helping hands for food, friendship and a roof over our heads. We are filmmakers working in hostels, surf camps, on yachts and farms. Follow our live web series on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Luke & Elizabeth's Vlog

hannah traveller
Hannah – UK

Hannah is a French and Spanish speaker from the UK. At the start of 2015 she left her job and England behind her, to backpack independently, cheaply and solo around South America. 

Hannah's Blog

Pepi & Beto – Argentina

We are Beto & Pepi from Argentina. Curious and enthusiastic travellers, one day we decided that it was time to see the world on its entire extension and flew one way to India where we started the most spectacular journey of our lives. In www.dospasaportes.com and @pepi_dospasaportes  we write about our travels, people we meet, places we visit and all kind of things we enjoy while we are on the road.

Pepi & Beto's Blog

Emily R. - USA
Emily R. – USA

Hello there! My name is Emily Rowe and I am an elephant lover, an avid surfer, daily yoga-doer, and political journalist who was diagnosed with the travel bug at birth – thanks parents! I’ve been to over 40 countries and counting and I am currently studying in Thailand, which is my excuse to travel through SE Asia. South America next!!!

P.S. If you haven’t caught the hostel bug, I’d love to help spread the addiction. Hostels are an easy way to home jump around the world. Thank you hostels, for sharing your little homes with me!

Emily's Blog

Matt & Ariana - USA
Matt & Ariana – USA

We’re a couple that has always loved travel. We met on the road and since that moment we have been on a continuous adventure together. We encourage everyone to see the world and we want to help you find ways to make it happen. We hope our stories and photographs inspire you to plan your next adventure. Remember, no adventure is too small.

 Matt & Ariana's Blog

Bowdy - Singapore
Bowdy – Singapore

I’m an in-progress world traveler, a Singapore would-be local, and a Filipino blogger. I’ve been writing since I moved to the red dot, and it’s primarily on happy impressions of travelling – whether it’s new cultures, cafes, foods, bars, hostels, and all. Glad to be connecting with like-minded people who thinks that travelling is the best thing since the invention of airplanes!

Bowdy's Blog

Alice - UK
Alice – UK

Alice is a British chick who has been travelling through Asia for the last five years. From Taiwan to Thailand, you can find her exploring abandoned places, hiking in sky high mountains and enjoying mud baths on her motorbike. She writes about kick-ass solo female travel and how to take on challenges in your journey to push your boundaries and reach your full potential.

Alice's Blog

Aigul K – Kyrgyzstan

I get my inspiration through travelling, and when I fell stressed, I just book a ticket and leave the next day! Getting introduced to new cultures, traditions and learning a bit of a foreign language makes me extremely happy! Being that I am a  travel bug, I have a dream job. I work as the hostel manager in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, which gives me the opportunity to meet travelers every single day from all over the world, each full of stories and adventures to share. During my travels, my favorite places to stay are hostels, where I get to hang out with the coolest people from different backgrounds and share with the unique experience we gain on the way.

To view my Instagram feed, follow @foreveryoung2_1

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