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Morgan M. - USA
Morgan M. – USA

I fell in love with travelling on a two month study abroad to Costa Rica in 2012 and have been trying to get myself to as many places as possible ever since (17 countries and counting). I love staying at hostels during all of my trips because they allow you to easily meet and connect with other travelers, few things foster instant camaraderie between strangers quite like comparing travel notes over a drink in a hostel common room.

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Dorota & Bartek - Poland
Dorota & Bartek – Poland

We are two enthusiasts of travels enjoying a lot diverse civilizations and landscapes. We love food and cats but especially we love to hear different human stories.
We are both from Poland, both of us with a degree in Russian and French literature and anthropology. We started to travel „full-time” in May 2014 by travelling overland around Asia, from Russia to to Philippines. In the meantime we have worked for a couple of months in Bangkok and Jakarta.

Dorota & Barktek's Blog

Kia Ora! I am Shruti… a writer, educator and a perpetual learner at heart. I am a born seeker and that takes me to unknown destinations…I love to write about my travels and am super excited about bringing forth my adventures and misadventures to people. I love to interact with people from various cultures and do not hesitate to imbibe the best and shed the worst. I am a hardcore solo traveler and my insatiable desire to explore has compelled me to set out on a journey without planning too much and let the voyage unfold in its own way. Every journey transforms me into a new and a better Shruti, and  I hope that my blog helps the readers achieve the same.

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Sierra T. - Canada
Sierra T. – Canada

Travel has always been a part of my life. I love the mountains, the ocean, and everything in between. The best part about travel is discovering new cultures, bizarre food, and spectacular landscapes. You never get bored! I have just finished working in a hostel in Sri Lanka and will be travelling in South East Asia until June 2016. Staying in hostels is not only the best budget option for solo travellers like myself, it is the only way you can stay sane on long trips because you are surrounded by the craziest, coolest, most interesting people from every country!

Sierra's Blog

Zeny Rosalina
Zeny R. – The Netherlands

I’m Zeny (pronounced zee-ny, like ‘see my’) and I started traveling when I was just one month old. My first journey took me all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to the lovely Caribbean. I have to admit that back then I was just a victim of my mother’s travel bug but now, 25 years later, I have developed my very own travel addiction. Just like many people I would love to see the whole entire world, but I always seem to fall in love with big cities. Getting lost in a city with a million faces and stories is how you will most likely find me on my travels but I can really enjoy the relaxed vibes of nice beaches too. When I’m not traveling the world I call Rotterdam in The Netherlands my home.

Zeny's Blog

Caitlin T - UK
Caitlin T – UK

I am a proud New Zealander, who, since childhood, has forever been dreaming of travel to far-off lands. I am an animal lover, and adventurer – my love for both these things sparked during my overseas exploits in Southern Africa.

I have traveled through Africa, Asia and Oceania. The travel bug has taken hold, and I cannot wait to see where my next journey takes me!

Caitlin's Blog

Shergie T. - Philippines
Shergie T. – Philippines

I am a solo traveler from the Philippines, and for me traveling is liberating and empowering. Traveling has helped me understand the world and see life from different angles. In my own experience while traveling, I have witnessed the diversity of our cultures, learned about the places I have read about, and made many friends from different parts of the world. Priceless!

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Anna F. -
Anna F. – USA

My real love of travelling began when i visited Tanzania, Africa at the beginning of 2013. It sparked my love of culture, new experiences and everything travel has to offer. Since then i have done trips through Europe and South America, with the bucket-list ever growing. I love my home country (Australia) but not a day goes past that i am not day-dreaming of where my next adventure will take me and the stories, memories and people i will find along the way.

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Amanda W. – Canada

Hello, I’m Amanda! I’m married, I talk a lot, and I’m a little bit travel obsessed. I love to be on the road, daydream about past trips, and plan for future adventures. I love the way travel wakes me up from the daily grind, and the constant smile it puts on my face. The bug didn’t get me until about 2012, but I’m making up for lost time now!

Amanda's Blog

Jordan I. – USA

Hi, I’m Jordan! I’m an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for food and farms. I’ve traveled through Thailand, Laos, New Zealand, and the Cook Islands in addition to exploring southeastern Alaska, Colorado, and beautiful Appalachia. When I stay in hostels, I make sure to find the coziest home-away-from-home option possible. I’m headed to the British Isles and Scandanavia next- check out my IG for updates!

To view my Instagram feed, follow @jordan.explores

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