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Lore - Argentina
Lore – Argentina

I am living my dream, which is traveling every time I can. I want everybody to see my beautiful city with mountains, lakes, chocolates and beer, but also I wanna jump out from this little bubble and share my experiences and adventures around the world.

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Gemma -
Gemma – UK

Possessing no desire to hold down a permanent static job, Gemma is a professional Free Spirit, a *qualified* Photographer, Vlogger/Blogger, a serial Instagrapher and Snapchat Addict. A passionate Animal Lover and an Ocean Enthusiast. A World Traveling, New and Exciting Seeker, who believes that life is all about creating a Healthy Balance between Spontaneous Adventure Activities and Heavenly Spa Escapes.

I am excited to connect with The Hostel Group to seek out the best hostels out there. As much as I love adventure, I equally love to finish the day in a clean and relaxing environment. Through my experiences, I hope to share with you the best hostels across the globe, hosting both the social hostel atmosphere as well as comfortability at a great value price tag!

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Camille R. – USA

One day I decided not to wait around any more for the right time to travel, packed my backpack and headed to India where it all began. I have been traveling quite a bit since then, and I have been to India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and most of the US states. I absolutely love it, honestly I live for it! New cultures, foods, places, and people are exciting and every time I travel it is a whole new adventure!

To view my Instagram feed, follow @thebackpackingchick

Neo & Aim - Thailand
Neo & Aim – Thailand
chris Lim
Chris Lim – Philippines & Mexico

Filipino by heart and “livin la vida loca” in Mexico. Regardless of my profession, I always make sure that I have time to see the beauty of the world. I have traveled through South America,  North America & Asia, so my next stops over the next 5  years will be in Europe, Africa & Antarctica. Life is too short as they say, so join me in exploring what’s out there, from food, drinks, music to places you have never been. Be reminded that it is not the STRONGEST of the species that survives, nor the most INTELLIGENT that survives, it is the one that is the most ADAPTABLE TO CHANGE. 

Pablo & Sofia - Venezuela
Pablo & Sofia – Argentina

We are an Argentinian couple that loves to travel, enjoy music, take pictures and eat different food from the world. Basically, we enjoy life and sharing good moments!

Both of us had been working in hostels in Barcelona and were lucky to meet incredible people from all over the world and now we are regarded by having friends spread around the globe!. When we travel, we search for the truly backpacker experience where you meet other travellers in a common area and share a beer after a long day trip!

To view our Instagram feed, follow @sofiuda and @allmyrecords

Laura M. - Ireland
Laura M. – Ireland

Packing up my life and embarking on a “world tour” with my best friend in January 2015 was the best idea I’ve ever had! I’m an easygoing, fun-loving girl who likes to travel relatively slowly and fully experience the culture and vibe of a place. No tick lists for me! Speaking of lists – clean, affordable and chilled out are at the top of my accommodation wishlist.

To view my Instagram feed, follow  @galmoygal

Kaitlyn - USA
Kaitlyn – USA

I’m a 24 year old who has a passion for backpacking and and inspiring other women to do the same. My bucket list is long and ever growing, and I am constantly brainstorming new ways to get out and see this beautiful world. I am currently teaching in Seoul, Korea.

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Nomade Magazine - CanadaNomade Magazine – Canada

Nomade Magazine was created to inspire its readers to adopt a lifestyle that pushes them out of their comfort zone, which arouses their curiosity and that leads them to appreciate the beauty of our planet. The web magazine encourages members of the community to travel, either their native country or around the world to discover, learn and grow. Our greatest desire is that everyone flourishes and finds the motivation and courage to realize their greatest dreams.

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Jessica R. - USA
Jessica R. – USA

American girl who quit her day job, bought a one-way ticket and is now living out her dreams traveling abroad! I have been traveling solo for about 3 years now but my wanderlust started back when I was 7 years old on a vacation to Barbados. Now, my passion is to inspire others who have always been afraid to just “up and leave” or to even embark on a solo journey themselves. I want to show others that it can be done and you don’t have to break the bank doing so. Nothing excites me more than when people ask me for travel tips and advice on places to stay & explore!

To view my Instagram feed, follow @mygorjessworld 

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