Denise Nestler
Denise N. – Germany

I’m a German traveler who loves to explore the diversity of the world.
Once I started traveling I couldn’t stop. I constantly have to learn, see, eat and wander through the different countries of the earth. I’m a detail loving photographer who also happens to write about seeing the world.

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Jessica and Tilly
Jessica & Tilly – Brasil

Travelling to experience is their passion; meet Tilly and Jess! He is from Germany and she is from Brazil, they met in the Netherlands, fell in love in Colombia and since then, they have been sharing their endless desires of discovering new cultures and new places in our beautiful globe. Alone, with friends or together, nothing has ever stopped them from exploring new adventures!

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Jemeffer & Aurelana
Jemeffer & Aurelana – Brasil

Best friends, geographers, travelling around our big country, Brazil, looking for adventures and contact with nature. We enjoy going to beautiful places that show us how life is amazing. Being geographers help us to keep our feet on the road and it has been so much fun. Our purpose when we plan a trip is not only seeing the landscape but more than that is seeing and knowing people and the relations that exist between city and country side. Hope you all enjoy our journey!

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Katie Johns
Katie Johns – USA

Hey there! It’s Katie from Oregon and I’m extremely excited to be here. I love being outdoors and I’m always up for another adventure. I enjoy meeting people and trying new things. I’m spunky, bubbly, spontaneous, and a bit of an adrenaline junky. I’m a firm believer that you should always go to places that you’ve never been before. I am heading out of the country for my first time ever on a solo trip to Asia. I have so many emotions pumping through my body! Excitement, nervousness, happiness, fear, joy, but I’m super stoked to be sharing a part of my journey with you.

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Ashley G. - USA
Ashley G. – USA

Hey friends! Ashley here. I am an Iowa native currently residing in sunny Southern California, and I couldn’t be happier to be an ambassador for The Hostel Group! My itch for adventuring started in 2013 after making the New Years resolution to go somewhere new every month. From various places across the U.S., to the Amazon Rain forest and South America, and all the way to Indonesia… my wandering soul knows no boundaries. Give me some trails to hike and some cliffs to jump off of and I will be one happy girl. My next trip is booked, so join me on my solo trip around the ring road in the beautiful country of Iceland!!!! I am so excited to check this destination off my bucket-list, and even more excited to share my adventures with you all!

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Colin P. – Canada

Originally from Toronto, Canada, we’re excited to have Colin join us as a Hostel Group Ambassador! Since studying abroad and ultimately completing his bachelors degree, Colin has always been looking for his next adventure. Colin has lived in Canada and Sweden, and spent time in 23 different countries including Austria, Belgium, Belize, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala, Iceland, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Russia, St. Lucia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, United States and counting!

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Lauren C. - USA
Lauren C. – USA

Hi Everyone! I am an adventurer and avid traveler that went on my first actual adventure when I visited Europe for a month in 2007. A year later I visited the UK, and that was when my passion for traveling started. In that moment, I was bitten by the travel bug! Over the next few years, I traveled closer to home, which actually led to my new hobby of rock climbing. Rock climbing has been the main reason why my passion for traveling rekindled. I am still new to becoming an experienced traveler, but each adventure provides me with such amazing memories and knowledge that I want to share with others.

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Elle Matula - Australia
Elle M. – Australia

Hey friends! How bloody fantastic is traveling? That wave of emotion when you step out into the streets of an unknown town, that soon turns into home. That tingle you feel in your fingers when you see your first sunset over the unfamiliar horizon. This is me at my happiest. So why stop? After 3 years of solo traveling, I decided to spend the year playing in my own backyard — by backyard I mean Australia not my parents veggie garden. I am in a full-time relationship with my little car and use it to explore the beautiful unknowns of the Australian coast. I travel on a budget, my motivation being the next destination, outrageous stories (heard and told) and the new souls I meet along the way.

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Silke - Belgium
Silke – Belgium

One day I woke and I decided to just leave. I quit my job the day after and told all my friends/family. Now I’m as happy as I’ve ever been. The real me has come out on this adventure and given me the confidence to continue being the real me. My friends and family can really see how happy I am doing what I want to do and that is exploring the world and continue to explore myself. So that was my story and I hope I will see you guys on my continuous adventure!

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Patrick & Caroline
Patrick & Carolin – Germany

Hello! We are Patrick & Carolin from Germany! Both of us study together in the Master in Management program at the University of Mannheim and we try to use all of our free time to travel the world! During the last years, Carolin spend a lot of time all over South America and Asia including a full year in India, whereas Patrick has discovered almost every country of Asia and has lived in the USA and South Korea.!

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