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Emma C -
Emma C – USA

Hi fellow wanderers! My name is Emma and I am an English Teacher in Seoul, South Korea, traveling Asia every second I get of vacation time. Since I have begun my wild adventure, I have found purpose, a voice, creativity, influence & magic that I didn’t know existed.
This wanderlust lifestyle I have created & my collection of eclectic photographs from my travels are the source of my inspiration. I am constantly moving, learning & re-inventing myself through my writing. My free spirited spontaneity & continued love of perpetual exploration & youth is easily reflected in my contrasting bodies of work. From emotional to inspirational to humorous & fun, I aim to capture the soul of each destination I travel to & the culture there.

To view my Instagram feed, follow @foremmayoung_

Charlie & Cam - UK
Charlie & Cam – UK / New Zealand

Hello! We are Charlie and Cam from the UK and New Zealand. We have stayed and worked at Hostels, Campsites and Hotels all around the world. Right now we are traveling around North America in our car, which often doubles up as our bed, going from mountain to beach with a few lakes in between.

To view our Instagram feed, follow @ou_est_charlie

tara h.
Tara H. – UK

Hi, I’m Tara from London, UK! I’m a passionate traveller, having visited 31 countries so far and counting, with a penchant for exploring unknown places and throwing myself in at the deep end. After graduating in the UK, my main goal was to save enough money to fulfil my life-long dream of going around the world, and I literally did that a year later over 16 months whilst stopping in 14 countries. I have always loved immersing myself into different cultures, learning new things about the world and myself, and living like a local, which is why I find hostels an easy, affordable and fun way to see a new place!

To view my Instagram feed, follow @taravaitiere

Angela - Germany @angelakoblitz
Angela – Germany

I am a passionate traveller at heart and it makes me feel alive. I have been travelling for the last years to learn about different cultures, cuisine and if possible, new languages. While travelling, I also found my voice in writing and now have become a travel writer. I would like to inspire people to break the eggshells and find the courage to see the world with their own eyes. 

Follow my journey via Instagram: @angelakoblitz

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