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Hello Everyone!

Travelling can be a challenging experience from first time travelers to veteran travelers, so we are here to help you with your next journey! One of the basic needs of a traveler is finding a place to stay, and our page focuses on the hostel-style accommodations offered around the globe. We try to bring other travel bloggers on board our site to help expand our knowledge of the hostel industry along with travel tips for your next trip.

Our Travel Community contains experienced travelers that have stayed in hostels and have been to destinations all over the world. Each member has been screened by our staff and is here to help you gain a better understanding of your next hostel stay. You are encouraged to join us and share your experiences to help others with their future travels. This is a site where participation is encouraged because we want to expand our knowledge of the industry and together we can help others with their first journey or 100th journey!

May your next adventure come soon!

Hayden Cole Jauregui
Founder, thehostelgroup.com

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